Introducing the Tow WEDGIT (Patented). It’s a small device that locks the A frame joint in position holding the A frame about 20 degrees from horizontal allowing easier connection with one person.


  • Simple
  • Helping Hand
  • Patented Design


It is a simple block that locks the A frame in an elevated position – to allow you to drive up to the Towing vehicle with the A frame connected.

To engage the lock horizontally – Slip the Tow WEDGIT® into the universal joint from underneath and release the weight on the A frame. The weight of the A frame in position will clamp the part in place holding the A frame about 20 degrees from horizontal, high enough for you to either drive up to the tow ball, or reverse the tow ball to the hitch.

To release then simply lift the hitch up. Tow WEDGIT will drop out – recover and store it ready for the next time.

To Lock the A frame Vertically – disconnect any electrical leads and breakaway cable, lift the TOW hitch almost to vertical (12 O’clock) and insert the wedge from the top into the universal joint – release the weight of the hitch slowly ensuring the A frame is locked at least 60 degrees from horizontal.

To release lift the hitch a little and remove the Tow WEDGIT and stow securely. You can either connect the A frame or remove the A frame.